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Selling Annuities

Is Selling Annuities Ethical?

There's nothing unethical about selling property that belongs to you. If you need immediate cash to fund a life event, improve your cash flow situation, or pay off high-interest debt that is preventing you from saving money, selling your annuity may even prove beneficial in the long run. Be sure to speak with our team from WePayMore Funding before you agree to sell your annuity to another agency- we can make sure you take home a higher payout when you decide to sell to us. Our up to 20% more Best Price Guarantee is our promise to work hard to get you more cash faster than our competition.

How Do I Know if I Should Sell My Annuity?

If you're on the fence over whether or not you should sell annuity payments to a buyer, there are a few important things to keep in mind while you make your decision. To avoid taking a serious hit in your original investment, compare quotes from a number of different buyers to obtain the most money through the transaction. Look for hidden fees and charges that the company may not disclose along with the quote; ask questions like:

  • How much money will I walk away from the table with?
  • How quickly will I receive the money?
  • Do you offer free consultation services?
  • Are there any restrictions as to what I can use the money for?
  • Can you offer me a 'best price guarantee'?

How Difficult is it to Sell My Annuity?

Selling annuities is a simple process- choosing the right buyer is somewhat more challenging. At WePayMore Funding, we highly recommend that you spend some time online checking out any prospective buyer you are thinking about working with. Don't forget to type our name into your review site to see what our clients say about selling to us. We guarantee a hassle-free sale, more money in your pocket, and possibly a faster payout time. Working with our experts, you'll get more value from your annuity than from any competing company.

What Factors Are Involved in Selling Annuities?

You'll want to make sure the company you select as your buyer is one that has industry knowledge and offers consultation services to ensure you're making the right decision in selling. At WePayMore Funding, our highest priority is making confident you understand the sale process and what you'll receive in exchange for your annuity payments. If we don't think it's in your best interest for you to sell, we'll help you assess your financial goals and look at additional options to improve cash flow.

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Annuity?

You'll find protection under the Best Price Guarantee at WePayMore Funding- it's our promise to you that you'll receive a higher payout, with no hidden fees or charges, when you sell to us. Get the most cash value from your annuity when you call us right now and request a quote for your annuity.

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