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Our practice covers a wide variety of areas ranging from accidents and personal injury to business, estate planning, and employment law. Whatever your needs, we'll find the experienced and talented attorney who can help see you through!

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Larry E. Welch Sr.

Civil Practice; Automobile Negligence; Products Liability; Legal Malpractice; Accountants Malpractice; Architects and Engineers Malpractice; Civil Rights; Discrimination

Daniel J. Welch

Daniel J. Welch

Civil Practice; Automobile Negligence; Personal Injury; Civil Rights; Discrimination; Corporate Law; Employment Law: Insurance Law

Damien J. Wright

Damien J. Wright

Civil Practice; Commercial Litigation; Corporate Law; Personal Injury; Automobile Negligence; Construction Law

Ryan E. Scott

Ryan E. Scott

Corporate Law; Real Estate; Technology

personal injury attorney Omaha

Stephen Q. Preston

Corporate; Real Estate; Commercial Law

Natalie Hein

Natalie M. Hein

Civil Practice; Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law, Landlord/Tenant Law